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Pick Up Soccer Opportunities


Route 352 in Bigflats (Minier's Park) @ 6pm


109 Philo Rd W. Elmira (SCSC Indoor Facility) @ 7:30 - 9:00pm


Dennison Park in Corning @ 9:30 am


Southern Tier Adult Soccer League

The Southern Tier Adult Soccer League (STASL) provides competitive adult soccer leagues  for Upstate, NY, Northern PA, and surrounding areas. The STASL is officially sanctioned under the US Soccer Federation and is partnered with the US Adult Soccer Association. 

2019 Registration Guidelines

Players and managers will need to create (or claim) a Sport Ngin account and proceed through the registration process. This process is FULLY  complete when all personal information and the league fees have been paid.

The registration website intended to collect the League Fees and register each individual player. Each individual needs to complete insurance and assumption of risk files. The main portion of your league fee goes to paying for insurance for participation in the league. Team managers will be responsible for collecting all referee fees from their players and paying the referees at each game.

Updates & News


2021 Season in the works now!

Managers get your teams ready and reach out to let us know if you are planning to enter a team! We will have a league meeting early May. Registration will begin within the next few weeks.


Want to get involved with the league? Have suggestions and want to keep local soccer alive? Reach out to us and speak about what you can do to help with the tradition of adult soccer in the Southern Tier. 

Contact Us

Contact Us

Southern Tier Adult Soccer League

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