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06/02/2016, 1:45pm EDT
By Admin.

Hello All,


As we approach the registration period we wanted to make things a bit clearer. As of June 6th you need a MINIMUM of 16 players registered and paid online for your team to participate in the 2021 summer league. This timeline is set so that we can build a schedule and make sure that each team has enough numbers when the season begins July 5th. Besides building the schedule, we have facilities usage and payments that need to be sent to the city for each team to participate in order to get approval for the league. We hope you understand this all takes time. Please work with your players to ensure that all the teams that have currently committed are eligible. Please utilize the free agent page to fill your rosters. Nobody likes to play with or against a team that have only 8 players.


All players must go through the registration process online. Simply claiming your profile is not enough. The information should be there. Part of the registration is making sure the information is correct in the profile you have claimed and going through and signing the waiver and paying for league fees. There has been some questions regarding cash payments. These need to be made out in check form to STASL. We would like one check per team, if you have players that are paying the $45.00 league fee in cash.


Last but not least, on or before the 6th of June, we need a full roster list from each team so that it can be checked to make sure that all are paid and registered for the start of the season.

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